About Us

We help moms capture their little one’s first baby-step-moments in style, so they’re standing out before they’re even standing up.

Our story begins with a young mom that had an eye for design and a passion for making baby shoes for her three kids.  Wherever she went, people raved about her shoes.  Her friends started paying her to make a pair for their little ones.  Pretty soon, she was spending every waking moment trying to keep up with a rapidly growing business of sewing and selling baby shoes out of her basement, all while her husband was attending medical school.  Regardless of the ever increasing demand, quality was always at the heart and “sole” of every shoe she made.  With the help of some friends, she expanded her business to a fully operational company selling premium baby shoes all around the world.  Our success comes from the support of our consumers like you, unwavering commitment to quality and an obsession for eye-catching, stylish baby shoes!

We love our customers and hope you will spread the word about The Coral Pear with your friends! 


The Coral Pear Team