Cutest BabyMoccs

Make sure your baby’s first steps are in style by giving them premium baby moccasins from The Coral Pear.

Our shoes protect your baby’s feet during their initial attempts at walking and standing up. After those first few shaky steps when your child gains the confidence to take a few more, he or she will be walking and running in style with adorable baby moccasins. The shoes we sell protect your baby’s feet from all the hazards out there, both indoors and out. Hard shoes are not an option for the bone development in your child’s feet, but moccasins allow them to wiggle and move, providing ultimate comfort as they walk.

In addition to providing protection, shoes can also make a serious fashion statement, so get moccasins to add flair and style to your baby’s outfit. We offer a range of different colors, styles, and sizes to complement your baby’s wardrobe at every age.

Buy the cutest and highest quality baby moccasins around! These babymoccs are our classics and are handmade from 100% genuine leather. Our classic moccs are made to fit the standard baby/toddler foot. We use only the best quality of leather and really take pride in how soft and flexible, but yet how very durable our shoes are for your young one. Please check out the sizing chart before you buy.

Our extensive range of toddler moccasins are designed with elastics in the opening for your baby’s comfort and to make them easy to wear and remove, yet still stay on your baby’s tiny feet. Our soft-soled moccasins are suitable for both toddlers and infants, and all our baby moccs come in different sizes, colors and styles.

We believe your baby deserves the best, which is why we only use the highest quality products when creating shoes for your child. We prioritize quality and promise to deliver premium baby moccasins that you will be proud to put on your child.

Browse through our selection of baby moccasins now and choose one the best suits your baby. For all your baby’s footwear needs, choose the Coral Pear, where our products can help your baby stand out before they are even standing up.