Selection of High Quality Baby Shoes

Watching your baby take his or her first step is an amazing experience. Watching them develop as they finally figure out, after many different attempts, how to balance and move their feet is a joyous occasion for any parent. With their new found mobility, though, your child is also going to need some great shoes to protect their feet and provide the stability they need to walk around both indoors and out.

The Coral Pear offers a wide selection of high quality baby shoes for your little one’s tiny feet. We offer comfortable and cute shoes for your toddler or baby.

Even if your baby isn’t quite on the go yet, they can still benefit from adorable protective footwear. Go for our quality leather shoes for babies and watch them crawl or walk in style, whether they are just learning or walking like a pro, our range of toddler and baby shoes are the perfect fit.

The Coral Pear’s infant and newborn shoes are available in an array of cute colors to match any style. Each shoe is handmade and customized to fit your baby or toddler’s foot. We believe your baby deserves only the best, which is why we only use the best quality of leather for our shoes. For fancy handmade baby shoes, you can’t beat the selection available at The Coral Pear.

Our infant shoes feature unique designs. They are easy to put on and provide maximum comfort for even the tiniest feet. Our soft-soled shoes also fit your child’s foot perfectly to allow them the flexibility to grow while still supporting their tiny bone development.

The Coral Pear’s infant and newborn shoes are available in different sizes. Make sure to measure your baby’s feet first before ordering and check our size chart first to see available sizes.

Let your baby take their first steps in style. The Coral Pear is your number one source of quality baby moccasins and shoes.