Bow Moccasins

Is your baby or toddler starting to walk? Make sure they are doing it in style with the right shoes. The Coral Pear offers a wide selection bow moccasins perfect for tiny feet.

Moccasins protect your baby’s feet. Whether your baby’s already moving on their feet or still crawling around on their knees, it’s important to provide them with proper protection. Wearing bow moccasins keeps your baby’s feet safe from bumps and scratches.

There is nothing out there quite like The Coral Pear's bow moccasins. Our bow moccs are available in almost all the same cute colors as our classic babymoccs. They are handmade from 100% genuine leather and fit the standard baby/toddler foot. We use only the best quality of leather and really take pride in how soft and flexible our shoes are, while still providing the durability that will ensure they make it through the years. Our moccasins are available in all sizes for babies and toddlers, and we recommend you check out the sizing chart before you buy.

Our moccasins are handmade and tailored to fit your baby’s tiny feet. The Coral Pear’s soft-soled baby moccs are crafted to fit comfortably without falling off, but still provide the flexibility you want to allow you to easily take them on and off when you want.

When your little tots are wearing our baby moccs they will be running, crawling, and walking in complete comfort. Plus these adorable bow moccasins perfectly complement any outfit. Just take your pick from our selection of styles and colors.

We believe your baby deserves the best, which is why we only use the best products in creating shoes for your child. Our premium baby moccasins are perfect for any occasion and provide long-lasting style and durable protection for your baby’s feet.

Let your little one take his or her first steps in style. The Coral Pear is your leading source for cute bow moccasins and other footwear such as baby booties and shoes. Check out our huge selection of products today.

Happy shopping!